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BEEF VOTE: Derek Jeter vs. Alex Rodriguez OR Mick McCarthy vs. Roy Keane

Which beef is best?

(1) Alex Rodriguez vs. Derek Jeter

Beef Breakdown: Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter weren’t just great young shortstops at the same time— they were best friends. But that friendship got complicated when Rodriguez played better, Jeter won a lot more, and then A-Rod got the biggest contract in MLB history and used the occasion to kinda disparage his buddy’s skills. Things were awkward for a few years ... and then they became teammates on the Yankees. This is a long, delicate beef that may still be unfolding.

Best Known For: So many aspects of this episode are memorable, but the biggest might be the general hatred so many people have for them, which makes them not getting along even more entertaining.

Alex Rodriguez ruined his friendship with Derek Jeter ... and then they became teammates

(8) Roy Keane vs. Mick McCarthy

Beef Breakdown: For the 2002 World Cup, McCarthy was Ireland’s manager, and Roy was Ireland’s star. What could go wrong? This pairing could have lead to nothing but success for Ireland — but it didn’t. Because these two are like oil and water. Which just so happen to be two key ingredients for a savory slab of beef.

Best Known For: Their blow up during the World Cup in 2002 was intense, and also probably the largest stage any of our beeves have ever played out on.

Roy Keane’s World Cup beef with Mick McCarthy got him kicked off the Irish National Team

Matchup Prediction: As much as it pains me to say it, the Yankees are just winners. Those winning ways will likely play out once again, unless the soccer crowd can really come out in droves.

Relive each episode and let us know below which beef is best. Voting is open through March 31, then round two will begin on April 1.

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