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And the beefiest beef that has ever beefed is...

The Beef History Bracket has been decided, what a blessed day

Larry Bird, Bill Laimbeer, you old so-and-sos. Your beef has stood the test of time, it has fended off some high profile challengers, it is all that remains in the official Beef History Bracket. By a vote of 1338-1089, our NBA veterans took down the Red Wings and Avalanche blood feud from the 90s.

While it was the closest any beef came to sending Bird and Laimbeer packing, earning 55 percent of the votes in the championship round is essentially a landslide. The NBA beefmates had one of the toughest draws in the tournament, having to go through the top overall seed just to make it to Vince Carter and Toronto’s beef. That Canadian cut had been the closest to comparable vote gatherer in both basketball regions, but they never stood a chance. Bird and Laimbeer mowed down Shaq and Dwight Howard, plus Kobe and Ray Allen along the way, leaving a star-studded wake of destruction behind them. Total powerhouse.

Our runner-up should feel proud of themselves. An NHL beef making the final shouldn’t be surprising since that sport requires some level of beef at all times, but the Wings and Aves still had an uphill battle once they faced off against more well known MLB, NFL, and NBA feuds.

If you want to relive any and all beef featured in the bracket, here’s a playlist with all the goods. Thank you to every who voted, who watched, and who continues to push us to make one of our favorite series. Good beefing to you.