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BEEF VOTE: Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree OR Red Wings vs. Avalanche

Which beef is best?

(8) Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree

Elite Eight Analysis: It’s been a bit of a slog for our lowest seed to reach the Final Four. The NFL region has seen the closest battles, but they finally got a little extra breathing room during the Elite Eight. They took down OBJ and Josh Norman with a 65 percent majority - their highest margin of victory for the tournament. I sincerely hope that I do not try them with a sorry ass beef of an opponent.

Beef Breakdown: This is another unique episode where our memory of it is very different from how it really went down. Yes, the NFC Championship game between 49ers and Seahawks helped put it on the map after Sherman denied Crabtree for the game-winning touchdown, then found every camera possible and voiced his disapproval of Crabtree. But it went deeper than we knew at the time, and because of their cagey responses, deeper than we might ever know. Or, until Sherman’s inevitable autobiography.

Best Known For: The “sorry ass receiver” rant, duh.

Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree’s beef ran way deeper than we saw in public

(2) Red Wings vs. Avalanche

Elite Eight Analysis: 69 percent. The Red Wings and Avalanche could not have collected a more perfect amount of votes. Kudos to them for that and for reaching the Final Four. They took down cycling legends, the greatest tennis player ever, and a couple baseball boys to make it to the Final Four. This beef has been one of our most consistent vote-getters, so here’s hoping that keeps up.

Beef Breakdown: In game six of the 95-96 Western Conference Finals, Claude Lemieux ran Kris Draper into the boards during an Avalanche win that knocked the Red Wings out of the playoffs. It also ignited a rivalry that would go on until 2003. In that span, the teams combined for five Stanley Cups, two major brawls, countless other fights, and so many penalties. Highlights include multiple goalie vs. goalie fights, coaches screaming at coaches, blood, hits, revenge, and really good hockey.

Best Known For: Brawls, beatdowns, bloodied faces, plenty of Stanley Cups. This went on for long enough that I can’t just pick one. Sue me.

How one violent hit snowballed into years of championship-grade hockey beef | Red Wings vs Avalanche

Matchup Prediction: The best hope that Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree have of advancing to the championship is if all NFL fans come out and support their sport. Otherwise, I think our hockey beefers are going to cruise. They’ve made quick work of the competition with each round, and it’ll be the four different sport they face in four outings. Maybe that has helped keep them from getting complacent?

Relive each episode and let us know below which beef is best. Voting is open through April 11, then the Championship will begin on April 12.

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Which beef is best?

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  • 32%
    Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree
    (489 votes)
  • 67%
    Red Wings vs. Avalanche
    (1038 votes)
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