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Welcome to Secret Base

The creation of Secret Base needs a deep rewind.

Hello! Welcome to Secret Base. We’re the people who make SB Nation’s YouTube channel — the place where you watch series like Beef History, Dorktown, Rewinder, Fumble Dimension, Collapse, That’s Weird, The Worst, and so forth, except under a new name which better reflects our identity. That YouTube channel is being rebranded to reflect our new team name, and we have our own website, right here as part of, where we can hang out. We also have our own Twitter feed where you can see new articles and videos as we publish (and some extra treats too).

We did all this for a few reasons. One is that we want a local, centralized community in which to discuss our videos. For years, we’ve had to skip all over the internet to find friends. We post a new video, then we get emails, receive tweets, check Reddit threads, and scan YouTube comments in order to receive feedback and chat with enthusiastic, interested people. Now, every video we make — new episodes of familiar series, plus debuts of brand new series and video features — will get its own post on this site, and we hope that’s where our people will come to chat. We want to get to know you.

The second reason we made Secret Base is to have a place where we can expand beyond videos. Our mission has always been to find and tell sports stories, to explain sports stuff, and to attempt sports experiments, unmoored from whatever happened last night. We have hope that in doing so, we’ve helped you better appreciate sports — the narratives, the excitement, the reflection of society, and the unmatched silliness. We intend to pursue that mission in formats other than video. You’ll see written blog posts on this site from the beginning, and we expect that in the future, you might see works of fiction, podcasts, games, and other fuzzy multimedia experiments. You’ll also see posts where we’re just hanging out and enjoying ourselves — that’s the point of having our own home, after all.

You’re invited to hang out too. All you have to do is make an account (totally free!), and you’ll be able to post comments. We’ll be reading and replying. You can also support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel if you don’t already and by buying shit. Making an account and posting friendly, thoughtful comments is also a great way to support us.

Anyway, welcome to Secret Base. Introduce yourself in the comments, ask whatever questions you like — this is a place for you as well as a place for us.