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The History of the Seattle Mariners: Supercut Edition

At last, this documentary series from Jon Bois is Alex Rubenstein is pieced together into one gigantic video. And that poster some of you have been asking for? We’ve got that too.

Well, we did it. “The History of the Seattle Mariners,” which Alex and I originally published as six separate videos, is now one big 3-hour, 40-minute video. With this revolutionary breakthrough in technology, you’ll be able to hit play and watch it like a normal documentary.

Eventually, we’ll switch this to “public” on our YouTube page so that you can more easily watch it on your TV. For now, though, we wanted to keep it on the site, because this is where we can actually hang out and talk to you. This afternoon, Alex and I will be down below in the comments. Feel free to ask us anything about the series, tell us about any Mariners debacles we missed, or just say hi. Seriously, I’d love it. It counts as work for me, and in comments I get to type in lowercase. Capitalizing exhausts me.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: a lot of y’all have been asking us if you can somehow acquire this series in poster form. We’re honored, and in response, we went and did that, too:

It’s one thing to have something that looks half-decent on YouTube, and it’s another thing entirely to design something that’s actually good-looking enough to hang on your wall, so we redesigned the timeline you see in the documentary almost entirely from scratch. You’ll notice some differences – for example, there are copyrighted words and player names that we can’t print and ship on something we sell – but we figured that as long as we were add it, we’d throw in as many little details as we could fit. Alex and I spent weeks working closely with our genius in-house designer, Tyson Whiting, to make something we hope you like. It measures 18x24 inches and for 12 bucks, it’s yours.

Anyways! Scroll on down and join us below. This makes us sound like we are in Hell. Come hang out with us in Hell! [Update: The Q&A is now over, but we want to make a regular habit of hanging out in the comments at Secret Base going forward. If you missed us, hope you come hang again soon. Thanks to everybody who showed up! We had a great time.]