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20020 Open Thread

Here’s a place you can talk about 20020

Secret Base has released a new project. It’s called 20020, and it’s the sequel to 17776, which came out a little over three years ago. We hope you like it!

Some of you may want to talk about it, so we figured we’d give you a place to do that. If you haven’t been around on Secret Base before (welcome!), please introduce yourselves in the comments. And if you don’t know what a Secret Base is, we have a video that’ll help out.

Right now our plan is to update it three times a week — 3pm ET on Monday/Wednesday/Friday — for four weeks. Enjoy!

Chapter links:

PS: If you’d like to support this work, please check out our merch store! There are 17776/20020 shirts available. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks!