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Andy Dalton becoming the hero of Buffalo needs a deep rewind

Congratulations Bills fans, it’s your time for a moment in history

I’ve done a Rewinder on the Music City Miracle, one of the greatest walk-off scores in NFL history by the Tennessee Titans against the Buffalo Bills. Another time, I dove into Brett Hull’s triple-overtime goal that won the Stanley Cup for the Dallas Stars over the Buffalo Sabres. There has been a video from our team that may have kinda forgotten that the Sabres exist...

What I’m trying to say is we need to offer our condolences to fans from Buffalo. None of it is intentional, but we are finally trying to make it right. This is for you.

Week 17 of the 2017 NFL season. The Cincinnati Bengals are facing a 4th-and-12 against the Baltimore Ravens. Up three with 52 seconds remaining, if they can get a stop then the Ravens win and head to the playoffs. If the Bengals pick up at least 12 yards, the entire city of Buffalo gets to at least take a breath.

For me, so much of what was going on had been completely wiped from my memory. What happens after the Bengals snap the ball is the only thing my brain hung onto (for very understandable reasons). That’s why we make Rewinder — it’s a chance to watch a moment in sports history as if we’re seeing it for the first time. We can remember the stakes, the individuals, everything that led us up to the point and made whatever comes next matter.

So, go check out the video up at the top, send some love to a Bills fan, and welcome to a moment in history.