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The last-second Game 5 finish of the 2016 WNBA Finals demands a deep rewind

9 seconds left, tie game, no timeouts, with the title and so much more on the line? This is a moment to remember.

The ending of the 2016 WNBA finals raises my heart rate no matter how many times I watch it. Elimination game, no timeouts, tie score, nine seconds left. This is the stuff of driveway fiction, the sort of scenario you create as a kid at your backyard hoop. And like, not to make it all about me, but uh, the fact that back up PG Chelsea Gray has the ball in the final seconds? Um, I was a backup PG! ... this game is like weirdly specific to my personal driveway fiction.

On top of my personal drama, let’s add the context everyone else cares about for this particular moment. If the Minnesota Lynx win, they’ll ascend to dynasty status, matching the legendary Houston Comets with four titles. Sure, they aren’t four in a row like the Comets, but ... I think we can safely say that would still be pretty impressive. And on the other end, the always-coming-up-short LA Sparks are ready to simply stop coming up short and reach their long-predicted potential.

I’d argue even the most imaginative kid on their backyard hoop couldn’t come up with the narrative which we chart in the video above. Let’s rewind.