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JJ Redick’s beef with Maryland was flavored by ugly heckles, prank calls, and Duke’s legacy of jerks

College basketball beef gets personal

When JJ Redick was at Duke, a lot of people hated him. He was too confident, too good, and went a rich kids’ school. In college bball, that’s enough to be despised. And no school’s fanbase was more aggressive (or sometimes … more horrid) than at The University of Maryland. That’s the college I attended.

I’ve never been a big school spirit, “let’s go to a pep rally” type person. I’m more of a scowling misanthrope. But as a Maryland alum, I do have some loyalty to the school. Not so much that I’ll be giving them any money — that seems important to mention, don’t wanna get spammed with donation requests. I do, however, have enough loyalty to my alma mater to still hold a weird little grudge against JJ Redick.

I know I should be over it. I’m an adult. JJ Redick’s an adult. He’s never done anything to me.

And I don’t hate the guy! It’s not an active grudge. It’s more passive — I’m not gonna boo the TV when he gets the ball, but if he misses? I can’t help but think, “yes!” I know it’s strange and petty, but college is a formative time!

What started out as a school simply hating Redick just like everyone else ballooned into something larger and nastier (hint: beef). Maryland students got hold of Redick’s cell phone number and would call him to tell him things like he’s the antichrist. They made signs about his family members (this is where the “horrid” stuff comes in). They chanted curse words at him. UMD got bad press for their taunting/torturing of JJ Redick, and Redick got good press for being so brave as to endure it. (I did not participate in the torture, and I’m not just saying that so you’ll like me more)

I can admit Redick didn’t deserve all the ugly hate Maryland threw his way, I mean he definitely didn’t. Who could? But I’ve still got a weird little grudge against him. Does that make me a bad person (keeping in mind that I’ve already explained I’m a misanthrope)? Check out the video, and lemme know.