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Manchester United Supporters Are Spoiled Brats!

OK, so let me get this straight: You support a club who've won everything there is to win at least once, if not 10 times in the last decade, you've also witnessed some of the best players in European football ply their trade at Old Trafford in that time and you've just secured your talisman Mr. Wayne Rooney for another five years to come. What's to be unhappy about?

Oh I get it, it has to be the fact that you're currently unbeaten in all competitions this season, or maybe your uncontrollable anguish is a result of the fact that your beloved sit in third spot, only three points off the top of the Premier League? No? Then what bothers you Manchester United supporters?

The answer:

Manchester United supporters are currently experiencing another round of temper tantrums directed solely at the American owners of the club, the Glazer family. For all their shoddy business practices over the course of the last five or so years, the club remains successful on the pitch, if not dominant. OK, sure, the finances surrounding the club could be in better shape. However, the sky remains intact above Old Trafford, at least for the moment while progress, slow progress, continues to be made.

This time though, it seems as if the Glazers can do no right. Having announced they'll pay off a massive £220m PIK debt by month's end, the Glazer regime is suffering further scrutiny from supporters in regards to just how they'll continue to service United's large debt, where the funds have been raised from to recompense the PIK loan and whether or not Malcolm Glazer wears boxers or briefs.

It's not as if the Glazers wanted a 'thank you', or a pat on the back, but all the grumble-grumble coming from United supporters as the club continues to be a force not only in England, but in Europe as well, all seems just a bit tired at the moment. I should know, I'm one of them.

While the £220m debt that will soon vanish remains a good thing, the ill-timed whining from supporters simply reminds one of the spoiled, petulant and maybe even the captious behavior United fans across the world have been associated with. United fans, my people, my brethren, I ask you: what else do you want?

United supporters should take this victory and appreciate it. The repayment of the loans, ones that carry an astonishing 16.25% annual interest rate, should be the metaphorical equivalent of the dismantling of a financial time bomb that was wired under both Old Trafford and the home of Ryan Giggs.

The manner in which the Glazers raised the funds to pay the debt is none of your (our) business, just be pleased with the fact they did. And for heaven's sake, lets all go back to worrying about the other uncontrollables we can't control: matters on the pitch!