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MLS Mock Expansion Draft: Timbers Select Jack Jewsbury, Whitecaps Take Brad Evans

Just a reminder of how this is working. Geoff Gibson of Chopping Timber will be selecting players for Portland, while Benjamin Massey of 86 Forever will be picking for Vancouver.

Both will select 10 players for their teams, alternating between Timbers and Whitecaps. The protected lists were provided by bloggers who cover their respective teams. Homegrown and Generation adidas players are exempt, but all other players needed to be accounted for, including Designated Players.

The Timbers real-life roster has these players: Ryan Pore (M), Eddie Johnson (F), Bright Dike (F), Steve Cronin (GK).

The Whitecaps, as of today, have signed these players: Alain Rochat (DF), Jay DeMerit (DF), Davide Chiumiento (MF).

The real Expansion Draft will take place on Nov. 24.

1. Portland Timbers: Jack Jewsbury, MF, Sporting Kansas City

Geoff Gibson (Chopping Timber): Picked Jack due to his strong performance as a midfielder for Kansas City. KC seems to be uner exploiting him currently and I believe he could be a potential captain for the Timbers.

2. Vancouver Whitecaps: Brad Evans, MF, Seattle Sounders

Benjamin Massey (86 Forever): The Whitecaps already have reasonable depth in the organization at all positions - except striker, where we have a combination of vaguely promising young players and largely useless ones. Evans isn't an overwhelmingly good player, but he has some professional pedigree and scoring touch. His contract is reasonable value, and he could be a strong supporting member of Vancouver's starting 11.