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MLS Mock Expansion Draft: Timbers Select Alex Nimo; Whitecaps Take Andrew Boyens

5. Timbers: Alex Nimo, MF, Real Salt Lake

Chopping Timber: I think we all know the history behind Nimo's current situation and I believe his cominginto the Timbers roster is a forgone conclusion. Despite all that, however, Nimo has made a name for himself in our D2 squad and I believe he will continue that streak so long as our FO gives him the minutes available. Also, his experience with Ryan Pore and Bright Dike should be very useful going into MLS next year.

6. Whitecaps: Andrew Boyens, DF, New York Red Bulls

86 Forever: Going to the "useful journeyman" school of expansion drafting. Boyens is a powerful, lanky defender who makes six bucks an hour, is strong in the air, and has played plenty of professional soccer in plenty of pretty good leagues. The Whitecaps have a strong but undersized defensive crew at present, and Boyens gives them some variety and versatility. Plus, Boyens is also comfortable coming off the bench; often a difficult thing for defenders to do.



Sounder at Heart chimes in on loss of Brad Evans: I like this pick for Vancouver, and don't like it for Seattle. I am a fan of what a healthy Brad Evans brings for positional flexibility, but with the depth that Seattle has at CM, it is likely a loss that if it happens in real life would not hurt too much.