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MLS Expansion Draft: Timbers Select Eric Brunner; Whitecaps Take Pat Onstad

9. Timbers: Eric Brunner, D, Columbus Crew

Chopping Timber: Eric Brunner is yet another strong defensive player coming from Columbus who, in recent years, has easily been one of the best defensively minded teams. I see him as a cheaper, less experience, but just as much potential as veteran Crew defender Chad Marshall. Going forward I believe he'll become a great player to have in our backline.

10. Whitecaps: Pat Onstad, GK, Houston Dynamo

86 Forever: Onstad's advantages are clear: He's Canadian, a British Columbia native and part of the upper echelon of MLS goalkeepers. A savvy veteran, he's already done some coaching with the Canadian national team and could help develop promising young goalkeepers like Simon Thomas into legitimate players. He's also, like, 70 years old. But Jay Nolly simply isn't capable of starting in Major League Soccer. Onstad can only give us a year or two, but that's all we'll need.

New protected players (we're catching up, sorry): Ned Grabavoy (RSL), Mariano Trujillo (Chivas USA), Steven Lenhart (Crew), Rest of Dynamo.