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MLS Mock Expansion Draft: Timbers Take Frankie Hejduk; Whitecaps Select Jeremy Hall

17. Timbers: Frankie Hejduk, M, Columbus Crew

Chopping Timber: Old? Absolutely. However, I urge you to find a single Crew supporter who doesn't attribute some of the Crew's past successes with their former captain. While the Crew might be looking to make their squad younger, I believe Frankie could play an invaluable role in helping to shape our younger players and get them ready for the big leagues. At best he has another two years in him and could fight for the captaincy of the team, if desired.

18. Whitecaps: Jeremy Hall, DF/MF, New York Red Bulls

86 Forever: A young, solid former U.S. youth international, Hall is another unspectacular player. But he's played right back, left back, midfield... I don't think he's been in goal yet but that's the only knock on his versatility. Plus, he's played pretty well. He's been at least semi-regular for a pretty good New York team over the last two years, and while he hasn't got his scoring boots yet he plays a capable, no-nonsense style that I'm a big fan of. He's a guy who could have a long Whitecaps career.

New protected players: All Crew players, all Red Bulls.

Brotherly Game on the loss of Alejandro Moreno: Chopping Timber was correct in its statement that Alejandro Moreno didn't set Philadelphia on fire. During Moreno's year long stay with the Philadelphia Union he became known as very strong on and off the ball but also as a notorious diver. Too willing to flop for a foul, Moreno may have given up many a chance or opportunity because of his actions. The loss of Moreno allows young Jack McInerney to have a larger role with the Union in the 2011 season.

Brotherly Game on the loss of Cristian Arrieta: 86 Forever may be reaching too far into the past with its selection of Philadelphia Union fullback Cristian Arrieta. While Arrieta earned many an award for his defensive play in the USL (including two defender of the year awards and most valuable player award) he failed to secure his starting role with the Union. After starting the first 15 games of the season at right back, Arrieta ended up sitting on the bench for the rest of the season (sans one more appearance) as Michael Orozco-Fiscal and Sheanon Williams fulfilled the starting right back role. To add salt to Arrieta's wounds, Williams was signed just 11 days before his first start and had only appeared for the Harrisburg Islanders for his highest level of professional play. Plus a source told the Brotherly Game that Arrieta had problems with coach Piotr Nowak that may have had him on the way out of the Union anyway.