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MLS Mock Expansion Draft: Timbers Select Dema Kovalenko; Whitecaps Take Maykel Galindo

19. Timbers: Dema Kovalenko, M,  Los Angeles Galaxy

Chopping Timber: For my final pick I chose Kovalenko primarily because of his fiery attitude. Despite some past injury struggles, the veteran midfielder never seems to take any game for granted and is always giving his full against each opponent he plays. Not only that, but he's not afraid to tackle when needed, or be rough when required. I believe Dema's tactics will fit with Spencer's ideal team which is set to be a more aggressive, attacking minded side.

20. Whitecaps: Maykel Galindo, FW, Chivas USA

86 Forever: I agonized over whether to pick Galindo. He's 29 years old and, for someone with his experience, fairly affordable. He brings veteran presence and a lot of ball skill to a striking force that desperately needs both. By all accounts I've heard, he's a good guy, and he put some balls in the goal with Chivas over his career. On the other hand, Chivas is a pretty awful team and even they couldn't find room for him. He went on loan to FC Tampa Bay and didn't do much. The way I see it, Galindo was never an athletic guy who made his own chances and he got terrible service from the lousy Chivas USA midfielders and the worse-than-lousy FC Tampa Bay crew. It's a risk, but not a big one. If Galindo pans out, Vancouver has a solid third striker at last. If he doesn't, that stinks. But he has too much professional pedigree to suggest that he's simply forgotten how to score.

Final thoughts: The Colorado Rapids and DC United were the only teams to escape unscathed, while the Seattle Sounders, Real Salt Lake, New York Red Bulls, Houston Dynamo, Columbus Crew and, more surprisingly, Chivas USA and the Philadelphia Union all lost the maximum two players.

A pretty good mix of veterans and youngsters got taken, but no one making as much as $200,000. Nine players that made at least $100,000 last year were selected, though, as both of our bloggers showed a willingness to spend reasonable amounts of money on veterans.

This might not be 100 percent accurate, but it was a lot of fun and hopefully it will give you a good sense of how the real thing might play out on Nov. 24.

Both sites will have posts examining their new teams in depth. Please play Chopping Timber and 86 Forever for their analysis, which will likely be up later today. Many thanks to Geoff Gibson, Benjamin Massey and everyone else who contributed to this project.