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MLS Mock Expansion Draft: Whitecaps, Timbers Bloggers Look Back On Picks

As you've no doubt realized, SB Nation ran a Mock Expansion Draft on Friday with bloggers representing the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Portland Timbers.

Benjamin Massey of 86 Forever played the role of Whitecaps GM and Geoff Gibson of Chopping Timber (yes, CHOPPING Timber, not Dropping Timber) took turns picking players from lists provided by other SBN bloggers, as well as a few other unaffiliated blogs.

A day after making his picks, Massey is ready to take on the world with the team he chose.

But I don't mind telling you, the SB Nation Mock Expansion Draft was a triumph for the fictional Vancouver Whitecaps. Yes, I picked two players from Chivas USA. Yes, I picked one player old enough to be my dad. Yes, three quarters of my roster can't actually run. But it all makes sense. It all comes together. The fictional team could use a couple additions, like that long-fabled offensive designated player. But it comes out of this mock expansion draft a well-balanced unit, capable of playing multiple styles, with depth at key positions and a nice mixture of promising youth and veteran cunning.

Gibson's didn't give himself quite as glowing a review, but did give even more thorough explanations of each pick.

His most controversial one was probably 68-year-old Frankie Hejduk, a player that is clearly on his last legs and would probably cost more than $100,000 a year.

My selection of Hejduk is simply based off the fact that he could be invaluable in helping to solidify our team and give our younger players the training needed. Aside from Jewsbury, I see Hejduk as being captain material.