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Bolton Wanderers Versus Tottenham Hotspur: It's The Stuart Holden Show

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Things that I have learned about Stuart Holden today:

  • He has not scored a goal since he scored for the Houston Dynamo against Chicago last season
  • His mother is watching the game today
  • Stuart Holden would really like to open his Premier League scoring account
  • His mother is watching the game today
  • He's having a breakthrough season
  • Stuart Holden wants a word with the referee
  • His mother is watching the game today

When I dragged myself out of bed for the early match on ESPN, I expected a Gareth Bale love-fest, not an ode to Holden. I appreciate that he's the only player from the United States that is on the pitch, but does ESPN honestly believe that people in the U.S.A. dragged themselves out of bed--at 5:30-8:30 a.m., depending on the time zone--simply to watch their countryman perform for Bolton Wanderers? Well, I suppose his mother did.

Newsflash, ESPN: People are up watching this game because they love Tottenham Hotspur, or are Trotters fans, or are simply interested in the English Premier League. Or perhaps they're even just fans of soccer. The thing is, the people watching this match probably have a bit of a clue about the game. They don't need to be told about the glories of Stu Holden while watching him screw up at least three chances.

It makes you sound rather foolish, ESPN.