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World Cup 2022: United States Losing Ground, According To Betters

If you want odds on soccer, go to William Hill, says the guy who doesn't gamble. But they are reputable enough, and according to their figures, the United States is losing the confidence of the betters. Whereas the Britain-based betting house had the U.S. as 4/5 favorites to win the World Cup 2022 bid this weekend, the United States are now listed at 5/2, even as second-favorites with Australia.

Qatar has emerged as a better than even money favorite. Being 4/6 to win doesn't mean much as far as the actual voting, being conducted as I type, is concerned. At worst, it's an indication of a decreased (if relative) confidence in the States' chances. At worse, it's a hint that something's up: Knowing people who make money off these types of things putting their money where their knowledge lies.

For our money, nothing except these meaningless odds have changed since this weekend. Perhaps that's also is why I'm not allowed direct access to SB Nation money (amongst other reasons).

Australia, like the United States, is going off at 5/2, but just to highlight the lunacy of these wagers, consider the odds on Japan and South Korea. Japan is 33/1 and South Korea is 40/1, but there is no way their real chances of winning this vote is two-and-a-half or three percent. Those bets are drop boxes at a bank you don't use.

Not that the U.S. and Qatar odds make much more sense. Qatar may legitimately be the favorite. Australia may still find a way to get World Cup 2022, but has that much changed since this weekend, when the U.S. was better than even money? No.

Latest Odds

4/6 - Qatar

5/2 - United States

5/2 - Australia

33/1 - Japan

40/1 - South Korea