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World Cup 2018: Proving Just As Crazy As World Cup 2022 Odds, Gambler's Money Pushes England Into Favorite's Seat

We just got you up-to-date on the latest World Cup 2022 odds. Now about an hour away from the first announcements, let's take a look at the World Cup 2018 odds, though they come with a caveat: Gamblers are crazy.

This weekend, Russia as a better-than-even money favorite at William Hill, a Britian-based bookmaker. Now, England has stormed ahead on the backs of ... well, I would assume David Beckham's charm and Vladimir Putin not showing up in Zurich. It's hard to believe an endeavor the size of the 2018 World Cup would be decided on such things, but apparently there was a large block of money hovering, waiting for those slivers of news.

And that may be why England is now going off at 8/13, a prohibitive favorite. Russia has fallen all the way to 2/1, second favorites ahead of Spain/Portugal, listed at 5/1. That seems like a good bet, considering we've just heard about the Spaniards' confidence. The Netherlands/Belgium bid is getting 40/1 odds, but there's no way that proposal has a 2.5 percent chance of winning.

Again, disclaimer: This is all fun and games. This has no bearing on anything that's going on in Zurich. Considering it an indication of consumer confidence, though the real consumers today are the executive committee members.

World Cup 2018 Odds

8/13 - England

2/1 - Russia

5/1 - Spain

40/1 - Netherland/Belgium