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World Cup 2018, 2022: FIFA Preparing To Announce, Speculation Has Russia, Qatar Winning

The announcement was scheduled to start five minutes ago, but after news that we would have a significant delaycomes word that reporters are being led into the auditorium in Zurich. FIFA is preparing to announce the winners of the hosting rights for World Cup 2018 and World Cup 2022:

Finally let in auditorium for announcement. FIFA ExCo voters done casting ballots, milling in front. than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

That's the good news. The bad news for those supporting the England and United States proposals: Early speculation holds neither won their bids.

study from Russian paper Izvestia claims committee voting records points to a tied vote for the 2018 Cup, with Sepp Blatter's preference for a Russian World Cup potentially swaying the choice.

Thin, I know, and perhaps this is only a little less so, a tweet from Tom Dart (The Times of London) saying Sky Sports (a fellow England-based media outlet) has unconfirmed reports that Qatar has won 2022:

Sky Sports News citing "unconfirmed reports" that Qatar have won #wc2022less than a minute ago via web

It's all in good fun until it becomes official, but perhaps the same people informing Sky Sports also got word to the money men. That would explain Qatar's surge to William Hill favorites.