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Robbie Findley One Step Away From Playing For Storied Nottingham Forest

The only thing currently standing between Robbie Findley and playing for Nottingham Forest is his UK work permit. The now former-RSL striker has signed a two-and-a-half-year deal with the Championship side and will have a permit hearing in January to determine his eligibility.

"The club is very confident that it'll go through," Findley's agent Bill Davies told "They are building their case."

Miles said if the permit doesn't go through, Findley will turn his attention to a host of other entities that have expressed interest in acquiring his services. Other teams in the UK, as well as teams from Mexico to Switzerland have also pursued Findley, Miles said.

The clear preference, though, is for Findley to play for Forest, one of the more storied teams in England. Despite falling on hard times over the past decade, the team still enjoys solid support and plays in a 30,000-seat stadium. They've won multiple English and European championships and nearly made a return to the Premier League after finishing third in the Championship last year. The Reds currently sit eighth in the Championship table.