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Estudiantes Tecos Vs. Monterrey: Hosts Lead 3-1 At Halftime. No, Really.

In a stunning turn of events, after Sergio Santana put Monterrey ahead with a 22nd minute opener, Estudiantes Tecos have come back to score three unanswered goals, going up 3-1 into halftime. Santana's goal was answered instantly by Mauro Cejas, and Gustavo Cabral and Cejas added two more before halftime.

Tecos' first goal was an absolute stunner, although Monterrey's marking was poor. Ramon Morales sent in a cross to the center of the box that split the Monterrey central defenders and fell to Cejas, who was totally unmarked. He let the ball bounce up and cracked a nasty volley into the roof of the net, giving Jonathan Orozco no chance to make a save.

The second goal was a great one too, with Gustavo Cabral rising above all of Monterrey's defenders on a corner kick to hit a snap header into the back of the net. It was yet another shot that Orozco had no chance to save. 

While the first two goals were well deserved, Tecos' third goal came out of absolutely nothing. In stoppage time, according to the referee, Cejas was fouled in the box. It appeared that he did not dive, nor was he fouled, but simply fell down. Regardless, the referee awarded the ghost penalty and Cejas converted for his second goal of the game, giving Tecos a 3-1 lead.

The incredible thing about this match so far is that Monterrey aren't obviously being out-classed tactically, they just look dumb and lacking in fight. Is it possible that Victor Manuel Vucetich has been affected by the speculation about the Mexico job, with that position eventually going to Chepo de la Torre? Are some Monterrey players looking forward to moving on after accomplishing all they possibly can with the club? Or is this just an odd start to the campaign that will be reversed quickly? Only time will tell.