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Barcelona Vs Malaga: Barca Content To Sit On Lead In Quiet Opening To Second Half

It would appear that Barcelona aren’t in the mood to deal out another thrashing, with Peps side looking happy to play in second gear against a Malaga side that look completely incapable of creating anything in attack. Credit to Pellegrini though, Malaga have tightened things up in midfield, with Xavi not seeing quite as much of the ball as in the first half, and Iniesta and Messi also slightly more subdued since the break.

Pellegrini also hasn’t held back with the substitutions, sending on Eliseu and Rondon in an admirable attempt to salvage something from the match, even if it’s only a consolation goal. With so much money being invested in the side, it’s the last Malaga can do to show their Arab owners the potential on offer. There is absolutely no doubt that Barcelona will get three points from this one though, extending their lead at the top in the process.

A little sidenote….could this be a matchday in which neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor Lionel Messi have scored? Havnt been many that I can recall. The clasico and thats it as far as I can remember.