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MLS Supplemental Draft 2011: Second Round Recap

Though it’s tough to be certain when following along on’s draft tracker (which appears to be hilariously slow to update,) it seems as though the second round went by even more quickly than the first. It’s a bit surprising that to this point all of the picks have been taken, but seeing as how these picks are the very definition of risk-free.

The entire second round, pick by pick:

19) Vancouver-Joe Anderson, Coastal Carolina
20) Portland-Raymundo Reza, F, San Diego State
21) DC-Blake Brettshneider, F/M/D, South Carolina
22) Chivas-Ernesto Carranza, M, Sacremento State
23) Philadelphia-Josh Walbrun, D, Princeton
24) New England-Fernando Cabadas, M, Sacremento State
25) Houston-Sergio Castillo, M, Creighton
26) Toronto-Spencer Thompson, F, Michigan State
27) Chicago-Yannick Salmon, M, Rutgers
28) Kansas City-Mike Jones, D, Souther Illinois-Edwardsville
29) Seattle-Corey Attaway, D, UC-Irvine
30) Columbus-Ben Sippola, D, Butler
31) New York-Teddy Schneider, D, Princeton
32) Salt Lake-Andrew Cost, M, Penn State
33) San Jose-Phillip Tuttle, GK, Notre Dame
34) Los Angeles-Dustin McCarthy, M, North Carolina
35) Dallas-Ariel Osorio, M, Southern Methodist
36) Colorado-Phillip Bannister, F, Loyola (MD)