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MLS Supplemental Draft 2011: It's In The Books

The entire 2011 MLS Supplemental Draft is in the books and the Guiness Book of World Records can confirm that it was the fastest draft ever held by any organization ever (not really, but it wouldn't be remotely surprising). The fact is that the supplemental draft is mainly to fill out training camp rosters so teams can have plenty of bodies to do whatever it is they want to do in their preseason practices. it's unlikely that many of these players ever make a MLS roster, but that doesn't mean that none of them will.

Some of the players drafted may be more unknown than lacking quality. After all, some of the players drafted played their college ball at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, High Point University, Embry Riddle University and Schoolcraft College. I don't think many MLS scouts were on hand to see those teams play very often so maybe there's a hidden talent there just waiting to get a look, a look they will get in training camp.

While most of the names in the draft are unknown to even the biggest of U.S. soccer fans, there were a few players taken who many expected to go in the MLS Draft last week. Daniel Keat, a midfielder from Dartmouth, was considered by some to be the best remaining player in the supplemental draft and he was chosen third, by the Los Angeles Galaxy. Michael Boxall was the top defender available and the UCSB product was the top pick on Tuesday, going to the Vancouver Whitecaps. As far as biggest name off the board, that probably goes to Vancouver for selecting Santiago Bedoya, brother of U.S. national team player Alejandro Bedoya.