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USA Vs. Chile: Zach Loyd Bringing The Energy, Dax McCarty On Target

4:00 - Both teams are failing to settle into the match, but in the opening minutes of a match between two teams of players who have never played together, this is hardly surprising or concerning. Most of the United States' play is coming down the left hand flank to start the match.

5:00 - Sean Franklin of the United States commits a very silly foul on the edge of the box after getting thoroughly schooled on the wing, very close to a penalty. In a real game, Franklin would have seen a yellow. On the ensuing free kick, Nick Rimando makes a nice save on a curled attempt.

8:00 - Zach Loyd is looking extremely lively on the left side, but he seems a little too jacked up to be getting his first cap. His effort is admirable, but his play is a bit sloppy.

9:00 - Dax McCarty takes a long free kick from 45 yards out, sending the ball into the box, but the team is unable to do anything with his quality delivery. 

12:00 - Zach Loyd is continuing his impressive effort, both killing and creating attacks. His jacked up play has been both positive and negative. A heavy first touch on the wing caused him to lose the ball at the end of a nice move, but he won it back to start the move again. Unfortunately, nothing came of it.

13:00 - Dax McCarty almost scores on an audacious 35 yard effort! He caught the keeper off his line, but the keeper eventually recovered and tipped the ball over the bar for a corner, which nothing came out of.

14:00 - Chris Wondolowski gets a shot on target, but it didn't have a lot of power and was saved easily.