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Getafe Vs. Espanyol: Jose Maria Callejon Gives Visitors The Lead

It took only six minutes for Espanyol to take the lead on Getafe after their equalizer, with Jose Maria Callejon scoring in the 60th minute to take the score to 2-1 in Espanyol's favor. The visitors now appear to be playing with extreme confidence while Getafe appear to be in the process of falling apart.

The goal came on an indirect free kick, beautifully delivered by Luis Garcia 30 yards away from goal. His ball curled into the box and met the head of a poorly marked Callejon, who then re-directed the ball and caught Oscar Usteri flat-footed as it dribbled into the back of the net.

Elsewhere, Sporting Gijon have taken a 1-0 lead on Atletico Madrid. If these results hold, Espanyol will have a near stranglehold on fifth place and a trip to Europe next season. The top six teams are guaranteed trips to Europe in La Liga, and Sevilla, Getafe, and co. look to be a long way behind Espanyol shortly.