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Richard Keys Resigns Over Sian Massey Sexism Controversy

Richard Keys has followed Andy Gray out of Sky Sports today, but unlike his former partner, Keys has chosen to leave of his own accord rather than simply being dumped by the sports network giant after a series of tapes featuring rather controversial - and undeniably sexist - comments from both men have come to light over the past few days. Although Keys had attempted to smooth things over with a rather baffling public apology, which included an attack on the 'dark forces' conspiring against him and a defence of his comments as mere laddish banter, he was as blundering today as he had been during the weekend, when off-air conversations between he and Gray revealed their beliefs that there was no way female official Sian Massey could be competent enough to work the lines during a match.

Both pundits had been suspended from live commentary for a match, missing Chelsea's 4-0 win over Bolton Wanderers on Monday, but their comments about Massey have now been revealed to be part of a wider series of incidents, which included Gray making suggestive remarks towards a female journalists and Keys repeatedly referring to a woman as an 'it'. Reports have also surfaced that the culture at Sky Sports was rife with bullying and sexism, and with a public relations disaster looming, there was little to do but give Gray the axe. Keys has chosen to leave the company before the blade fell on his neck as well. Either way, his reputation has taken a huge hit over the past few days.