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Fulham FC Vs. Liverpool FC: John Pantsil, All Of Liverpool Have A Bit Of A Tiff

Off comes Dirk Kuyt, on goes Johnjo Shelvey, who'll have to be an excellent player indeed for this blogger to overcome the distaste induced by that name. Fulham, apparently, don't like it much either - a scuffle between John Pantsil and Steven Gerrard has just erupted on the far touchline - if I had a handbags graphic, rest assured that I'd be posting it. Apparently, Gerard gave Pantsil a right old kick in the stomach after the ball was blown dead. Naught boy, Steve. Lee Probert runs into to defuse the situation, keeping his cards in his pocket, good man, but apparently that wasn't enough for Pantsil, who's just been booked for smacking Glen Johnson in the back of the head and then running around like a very angry crazy person after receiving yet another kick, this time from Daniel Agger.

Own goals: They're frustrating. Pantsil will have to calm down if he wants to stay on the pitch, though. He'd do well to forget about his earlier mishap and focus on helping his team get back into the game. No more contretemps, now.