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Karim Benzema Tracker: Alas! He's Done Something Useful!

It took 57 minutes, but Karim Benzema has finally arrived for Real Madrid, assisting Cristiano Ronaldo on a goal that put Los Merengues up 3-1 on Getafe. It wasn't the world's best creative effort - Jordi Codina gifted Real the goal - but it was an assist nonetheless for the Frenchman.

He was so absent in the beginning of the match that one of my favorite bloggers, Tim Stannard, sent out this tweet. It was harsh, but hardly inaccurate. Benzema did next to nothing to start the match and his assist to Ronaldo was his first truly positive contribution to the match.

The assist might be enough to convince Jose Mourinho and Florentino Perez to give him another chance before making a panic buy, but it's still obvious that this team would be better with a different player up top. It's quite possible that all Benzema needs is a run of games in the starting lineup to regain his form, but I am still very skeptical.

Verdict after 60 minutes: Okay, he kind of sucks, but that assist bought him a second chance.