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Sounder at Heart: Should USA Vs. Egypt Be Moved?

As civil unrest continues to spiral out of control, it's becoming more and more apparent that allowing the United States-Egypt friendly to go on will come with some increased level of risk. The big question is whether we've now reached the point where the game has to either be moved or canceled. Sounder at Heart's Dave Clark clearly thinks the game should be played, but now seems to be coming around the idea of moving it.

The match should go on. The people of Egypt deserve to see their heroes. They need a partial distraction of happiness. Plus, those that are behaving non-violently deserve rewards, even ones so small as seeing 11 men kick a ball. Soccer, in fact all sports, has a history of providing a context for our larger struggles, for stopping civil war, for providing a pause during World War. It has been used to bridge gaps between rival nations. This week it can be used to provide hope, and support between two friendly nations.

Clark offers several alternative locations. He suggests Doha, Qatar; Turkey; Israel; Western Europe; and the United States as possible venues.