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Daily Soccer Fix: Don't Expect David Beckham To Go Anywhere

It's hard to figure out a way in which the Los Angeles Galaxy loaning out David Beckham during the mLS offseason make a lot of sense, at least from an on-field perspective. They did it two years ago, and only got 15 matches (including playoffs) out of the league's highest paid player. They did it again last offseason, and watched Beckham suffer an injury that cost him most of the season. At 35, the Galaxy must realize the chances of another loan doing anything to help their MLS Cup hopes just isn't realistic.

Based mostly on those facts, Daily Soccer Fix's Steve Davis expects Galaxy boss Bruce Arena to end loan speculation and soon. While the rumors, both real and potentially planted, may be good for building Beckham's brand, they aren't really doing anything good for the Galaxy.

Arena has no problem being the bad guy in these situations. I don’t mean that is a disparaging way. His job is to look out for the Galaxy’s interest, and I think he’s well within his rights – check that, it’s his duty – to stand up against Brand Beckham handlers and yes men and say, "No, we’re not loaning Beckham, it doesn’t do a thing for us."

This is the final year on his contract and the window on this aging team is closing fast. Making sure they have a healthy Beckham has to be one of the Galaxy's top off-season goals. For all the fanfare he's brought to the team and league, he has yet to deliver the team's third MLS Cup. You can hardly blame the Galaxy if they think loaning Beckham is against their best interests.