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MLS Mock Draft: Philadelphia Union Select Michael Tetteh With Fifth Pick

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5. Michael Tetteh (Philadelphia Union)

Scott Kessler (Brotherly Game): The Philadelphia Union have been lambasted by fans and media alike for the inconsistent play of the back four during its expansion season of 2010. The addition of right back Sheanon Williams helped to give the Union some sort of consistentcy but left back Jordan Harvey was lacking for much of the season, despite improvement amongst center backs Danny Califf (captain) and Michael Orozco-Fiscal. Tetteh gives the Union a quick, speedy left back who will provide plenty of cover for attacks down the left wing from midfielder Justin Mapp. With a back four of Tetteh, Callif, Orozco-Fiscal and Williams, Union fans should look forward to having a less nerve racking time while an opposing team is in its final third. Despite plenty of interest in Penn State striker Corey Hertzog, the team needs a veteran at the position, not its third Generation Adidas stiker.

Drew Epperley (WV Hooligan): Wow, first shocker of the night. Tetteh is an excellent left back but this could be a reach by some stretch. Tetteh's injury issues in the past worry me but if Nowak can get the most out of this kid then I look for big things this season from them. His abilities to get forward have to be a plus and a reason for this pick too.