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MLS Mock Draft: Vancouver Whitecaps Select Michael Farfan With Eighth Pick

8. Michael Farfan (Vancouver Whitecaps)

Ben Massey (Eighty Six Forever): The advantage of having two first-round picks is that the Whitecaps can take risks. Having grabbed the excellent Darlington Nagbe first overall, Vancovuer can now follow up with attacking midfielder Michael Farfan. The 22-year-old Farfan is another pacey player with plenty of tricks and a natural playmaker, but unlike Nagbe he takes a more withdrawn role and prefers to knock through balls much like a young Martin Nash. Farfan developed less than expected in 2009, dropping him down from an expected top five position this year. However, he resurged in the 2010 season and I'm willing to regard his junior year as just an unfortunate aberration. Michael Farfan has every chance to be a game changer at the MLS level and if not, well, that's what we drafted Nagbe for.

Drew Epperley (WV Hooligan): Love the Farfan pick here. I've been high on this kid for a couple years now and again Vancouver goes for areas they need. Farfan is arguably one of the best attacking midfielders in this draft. He's one of the best passers in this draft and possibly the most talented senior in this draft.