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MLS Mock Draft: Columbus Crew Select Michael Nanchoff With 12th Pick

12. Michael Nanchoff (Columbus Crew)

Ryan Rosenblatt (SB Nation): Nanchoff will give the Crew a good left winger and in a league where poor crossing is all too common, Nanchoff can play a very good ball in from the left and is very skilled on the ball. Nanchoff's biggest fault is that he doesn't have elite speed and won't run by guys regularly, but Columbus doesn't play at the quickest of paces anyways. He is a polished enough player that he can step in and contribute from the start, even allowing Eddie Gaven to move to the middle, so for a team looking to make some changes, but still has some good pieces and doesn't need anything close to an overhaul, Nanchoff is a good fit.

Drew Epperley (WV Hooligan): Great pick for the Crew. Its a pick for the future as Nanchoff is a work in progress. He's a polished winger that has a great work rate that Crew fans will absolutely love. His service from the wings will also be a massive upgrade for this club as well.