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MLS Mock Draft: DC United Select Daniel Keat With 31st Overall Pick

31. Daniel Keat (DC United)

Martin Shatzer (Black And Red United): For this pick, I searched far and wide for a player that exhibited the following traits: intelligent, hard working, aggressive, but not necessarily physically imposing. If you're a Black And Red United reader, then you know what I am describing. These are the traits of Olsen's Army, and Daniel Keat will fit right in. The New Zealand born senior played central midfield at Dartmouth, but projects more as a winger in the pros. Keat has an excellent crossing ability and a great understanding of the game.

Drew Epperley (WV Hooligan): A very nice pick here by D.C., Keat is the kind of guy Ben Olsen will be looking for in this draft. He's an aggressive midfielder who isn't afraid to stick his nose into tough situations similar to Olsen as a player.