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Italian Serie A Thursday: Catania Leading Roma 2-1 Through Maxi Lopez

Should AS Roma, currently in fifth in the Serie A table, want to be accepted as serious scudetto challengers, they will need to stop giving away early leads. The home side had a bright start, with Marco Borriello scoring in the fourth minute, but have contrived to lose their lead before the halftime whistle. Matias Silvestre first found the net for Catania in the 29th minute, surprising the crowd at the Stadio Olimpico.

Unfortunately for the home support, more was to come, in the form of Maxi Lopez. Lopez had been struggling in the start of the season but scored just before the winter break, so Catania were already hoping his form was on the rise. The striker did not disappoint, taking the ball around Roma keeper Julio Sergio to find Catania's second goal.

Despite a poor season, Roma's recent form has lead many to believe they can push for the top of the table. Performances such as this, though, will not convince anyone.