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The Most Boringest Serie A Sunday Ever

To be fair to Chievo Verona - Juventus, this 0-0 draw is fairly entertaining, featuring plenty of pressing from the visitors, and quick counter-attacks from the Flying Donkeys. Being unable to watch any other match (please explain why Juventus is on both Fox Soccer and ESPN3, when Udinese is on no legal source -- thanks), I can't say for certain whether they are dire or incredibly exciting.

What is for sure, however, is that more than thirty minutes have passed in five Serie A matches, and not a single goal has been scored. Combine that with the goalless draw between Cesena and Fiorentina earlier today, and that's 240 minutes passed in Serie A without a goal.

Let me tell you, Italian football, this is not a way to go about re-branding yourself to the world. I try and try to defend you, going around telling everyone that you're so much more exciting than English football, so much more competitive than Spanish football -- and then you go and trot out a bunch of scoreless matches.

Now get scoring, already.