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Danny Cruz Probably Needs To Sit A Couple Games

It seems to have gone mostly unnoticed in the soccer press, but it seems to me that there should be a lot more talk about the possible suspension of Houston Dynamo midfielder Danny Cruz for his amazingly reckless hit on former teammate Mike Chabala during last week's game against the Portland Timbers. The hit, which did not seem intentional, knocked Chabala out cold for about a minute.

The crazy part is that Cruz was only shown a yellow card, which came while Chabala was lying face down in the turf. How Cruz escaped a red card is beyond me, but MLS can't possibly allow something like that to go unpunished. A suspension of two games seems the absolute minimum he should receive.

Sure, you can argue that Cruz was unable to avoid Chabala, but he shouldn't have even been going up for the ball with the angle he had. Cruz had no realistic shot and Chabala paid the price.

On a related note, how did Chabala manage to remain in the game? The guy was out cold for about a minute and somehow the team's trainers and coach staff decided he was able to stay in the game another 15 minutes. That simply can not be allowed. If a player is knocked out, he should be immediately removed from the game, no matter how tough he thinks he is.

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