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VIDEO: Dicks Sporting Goods Park Covered In Snow Ahead Of Tomorrow's Playoff Match

The Denver are is just being pummeled by snow and that includes Dicks Sporting Goods Park, where the Colorado Rapids are due to host the Columbus Crew in a MLS Cup Playoffs game on Thursday night. The stadium is just sitting under a layer of snow right now, but unfortunately, the snow is supposed to stop before long. With the sun tomorrow and fancy machines like snowblowers, the snow is supposed to be gone by the time tomorrow's match starts. Not fair! The stadium still looks awesome right now though.

How sad is it that we're not going to see that match tonight? It would have been awesome to see a match played on a field like this. And let's be serious. The Rapids and Crew? That's ugly, uninteresting soccer. They could use some outside forces to make this match more entertaining and the snow was it! Quick, MLS. There's still time to move the match. Kick off in two hours. Who's ready?