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VIDEO: Luis Suarez Goal For Liverpool Against Stoke City In 2011 Carling Cup

Luis Suarez has not been in particularly fantastic form for Liverpool over the last couple of games. He has four goals in eight starts and one substitute appearance in the Premier League, but his last two games have been horrendous. The Uruguayan international had chances galore in both the derby against Manchester United and the 1-1 draw against Norwich City, but missed all of them. In the Norwich match, in particular, he was very poor. So, it's nice to know that he isn't actually crap.

On Wednesday, in Liverpool's Carling Cup win against Stoke City, Suarez scored arguably the best goal of his Liverpool career. Video can be found after the jump.


The young man who was victimized by Suarez on that goal was 23-year-old Ryan Shotton, who is not one of the more established members of the Stoke defense. After seeing him get badly nutmegged, it becomes painfully obvious why. Then, as if that wasn't impressive enough, the bend Suarez puts on the ball to sneak it into the goal at the far post is absolutely insane. 

So, Luis Suarez. Actually still good at football. Good to know.