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Copa Sudamericana 2011, Universidad De Chile Vs. Flamengo: La U Through Easily

Following their 4-0 stomping of Flamengo in Brazil, Universidad de Chile was already a shoo-in to qualify for the quarterfinals of the 2011 Copa Sudamericana, but in keeping with the rules of the competition, they decided to play the second leg anyway. Flamengo did not play their first team and didn't bother to bring a full bench to Chile either, traveling with just the three players they eventually substituted on and a reserve keeper. With a 4-0 lead and the likes of Ronaldinho, Deivid, Thiago Neves and Dario Bottinelli at home, La U put on the cruise control, winning 1-0 in an average match.

The one goal was a stunner, though, scored by defensive midfielder Marcelo Diaz. Following a slowly built attack from the back, Eduardo Vargas attempted a cheeky through ball into the box with the outside of his foot, which was cleared away. Unfortunately for Flamengo, absolutely no one was near the edge of the penalty area, and Diaz stepped up and hit a bullet into the back of the net from between 20 and 25 yards. La U will probably entertain again in the quarterfinals, as they take on an Arsenal di Sarandi side with some quality footballers and a poor defense.