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ANIMATED: John Terry Falls On His Face As Chelsea Lose To Arsenal

After 80 minutes of play in the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea, things were looking up for the Blues. Arsenal had quickly taken a 3-2 lead in the second half, but a wonderful goal by Juan Mata leveled the score. Chelsea appeared to be on their way to at least a draw. Then, John Terry fell flat on his face, allowing Robin van Persie to get into a one-on-one situation against Petr Cech, then put Arsenal in front. An animated gif is after the jump.


In John Terry's defense, that is an absolutely atrocious backpass by Florent Malouda. Terry should have never been in that situation anyway. But, on the other hand, watching supposedly world class defenders faceplant is always really funny. Especially ones who are regularly accused of doing awful things, like John Terry is.

Arsenal won 5-3, adding another goal after this. Check out Arsenal blog The Short Fuse for wild celebrations and Chelsea blog We Ain't Got No History for self-loathing and rampant alcoholism.