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Real Salt Lake Vs. Seattle Sounders Live, MLS Cup Playoffs 2011: Jamison Olave Injury Forces Substitution

Ooof. That could have been very bad for the Seattle Sounders. Just as it looked as though they were going to spring a neat little counterattack on Real Salt Lake, Alvaro Fernandez is brought down by right back Robbie Russell, who then leaves his legs in about... three seconds too long and catches the midfielder's legs in a scissor tackle. Fortunately, Fernandez only requires a couple of minute's treatment, but that's rather besides the point - that was the sort of tackle that would have earned Russell a booking in any other league. Here it wasn't even a foul.

And then Fabian Espindola goes in two-footed on Leo Gonzalez and does earn himself a yellow card, although one might argue that even that was lenient. Better than no foul being given, though. Considering the tackles that RSL have been laying in, it's somewhat surprising that it's actually a home player who has to be recalled due to injury - Jamison Olavo is hurt and can't continue, and Chris Schuler replaces him. That's not good at all for Real Salt Lake. Are they going to be able to contain Fredy Montero with Olave out?

Anyway, it's not entirely clear how bad the injury is at this point - Olave was able to keep playing on it for a little while and came off under his own power, so it probably isn't too serious, but we'll have to wait and see if he'll be available for selection in the return leg.

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