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VIDEO: Alvaro Saborio Scores A Gorgeous Back Heel In MLS Cup Playoffs

Alvaro Saborio already had one goal to his name in the first half, but that was an easy one. It was a tap in of a shot that probably would have gone in on its own. You could argue it was a stolen goal so he thought it wise to get a second goal. He wanted one that was all his own and boy did he get himself one.

Want to know what's hard to do? Back heel a soccer ball. It's even harder when it's a hard, low cross and a defender is on your back. If you think pressure is a factor too, doing it in a huge playoff game just adds some pressure and makes that finish even harder. It wasn't a problem for Saborio though, who pulled off this beauty.

This was the second goal of a 3-0 whoopin' Real Salt Lake put on the Seattle Sounders. Now they head to Seattle for the second leg needing to protect that lead, but really, they should be protecting a 4-0 lead because Saborio's back heel was so pretty that it should have counted as two.