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Positive News About Cassano Mystery Illness

Antonio Cassano was admitted to hospital in Milan on Saturday, after flying back from Roma that evening. Although it initially seemed as though the AC Milan forward was going to be fine, with reports suggesting he even was released early Sunday morning, Cassano was then admitted to the hospital's neurology ward, where further tests were run on his heart and brain.

Reports on Monday remain mysterious, although Cassano's condition is thought to be improving. It seems the stroke-like symptoms that caused him to be admitted (blurred vision, disorientation, difficulty speaking) are no longer. However, it's likely Antonio will have to take a break from calcio, in order for the doctors to run more tests and determine what, exactly, this mystery illness is.

If the media do have questions, it's best not to ask them of Adriano Galliani: "I don’t know how long it will take for him to return. I’m not a medic, that is not my profession. He’s being looked after." Perhaps it's not your profession, Mr. Galliani, but it's something you should probably ask one of Cassano's doctors at some point. Maybe just a rough idea?