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Paraguay Vs. Ecuador, CONMEBOL World Cup 2014 Qualifying: Home Side Takes Three Points In 2-1 Win

Paraguay didn't put in the prettiest performance in the world on Friday night. In fact, it wasn't the least bit pretty. it was super Paraguayish. However, they were effective and all wins count the same. Whether or not you're a fan of their football, they earned their 2-1 win over Ecuador and were the better side for most of the match, as Ecuador failed to create clear-cut scoring chances and marked poorly on set pieces.

Both of Paraguay's goals came from dead balls, one free kick and one corner. Victor Ayala delivered both beautifully, and his set pieces were spot on all night. The first goal came in the 46th minute with Christian Riveros finishing with his feet at the back post on a free kick, while Dario Veron scored the ultimate winner in the 57th minute on a corner.

Joao Rojas scored deep into stoppage time for Ecuador, but his goal came much too late for his team to mount a comeback. Paraguay now has four points from three matches, while Ecuador has one win and one loss, netting themselves three points from two matches.

We'll have live coverage of this match and all of the other games in South America in our CONMEBOL World Cup 2014 Qualifying, Matchday 3 StoryStream. For more on the entire world of football, visit SB Nation Soccer.