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Oscar De La Hoya Charters Bus To Take Dynamo Supporters To MLS Cup

Oscar De La Hoya's name has been in the news for less than positive things recently. We've also been told repeatedly that Sunday's MLS Cup is being played between two teams that are owned by AEG.

On Wednesday, De La Hoya got himself in some much more positive news, while also reminding people that he's actually an equity owner in the Houston Dynamo, when the team announced that the "Golden Boy" would be chartering a bus to take supporters to the game on Sunday.

Granted, taking an overnight bus full of the team's hardest core supporters just to stand for a few hours and then jump right back in the bus and do the 1,500-mile trip all over again is not everyone's cup of tea. But it's still a pretty cool gesture on the part of De La Hoya, who is often criticized for being a somewhat absentee owner. The bus is also expected to get to Los Angeles in time for the group to attend Sunday's Supporters' Summit. At the very least, this ensures that there will be a vocal group of fans urging on the Dynamo in a match that many fully expect them to lose.