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Manchester United Will Start Own Social Media Network

Manchester United doesn't need Facebook because they're going to make their own Facebook. At least those are the early indications as the club has announced that they will launch their own social media network. No one has any idea exactly what this social media network will look like, but considering that they have an estimated 500 million fans around the world, this is a pretty decent idea. Apparently, they want to use this to grow their brand globally, especially in Asia, where smart phones are becoming increasingly popular. If that's what the techies say, I'll believe them.

Our friends at Simply Zesty write, "The site marks a huge step for the team, who have consistently embraced social media. No specific features of the site have been revealed, so it’s not clear yet how much the site will act as a replacement for Facebook or Twitter activity. It has been revealed however, that the site will have an extensive video offering, with exclusive behind-the-scenes clips and content from players."

It's tough to really buy the idea that they have consistently embraced social media though when their official has zero tweets. They are without a doubt the worst club in the world at Twitter. Also, for the possibility of attracting their half-billion fans to their new social media network, you have to wonder how successful they can really be considering that only 20 million fans subscribe to their Facebook page.

Let's ignore the fact though. Go Red Devils! You go lay a beat down on Mark Zuckerberg!