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Montreal Impact Officially Join MLS As League's 19th Team

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A big ol' welcome to the Montreal Impact as they officially become the 19th member of Major League Soccer. Sure, they were awarded an expansion last May, but they don't start play until the 2012 season and with the 2011 season coming to a close with last night's MLS Cup final, the Impact officially become a full member of the league today.


Now that they're officially part of MLS, we can start asking the hard questions about this new team from The Great White North. First, will we let them eat cake? Second, what exactly is an impact and why are Montrealers more impacted than the rest? Third, will they have the gumpshon to have a pink alternate kit like they did in the second division? Fourth and most important, does having a French-speaking club in the league make me cultured by osmosis?


Whether Montreal is a good addition to the league will be determined by their answers to those four questions (especially the last one).